The difference is in the details…

Every decision we make as a company impacts the world around us.  No matter how big or small.  That is why, when trying to decide which web hosting company we wanted to have host our RedBrick website, we chose GreenGeeks.  GreenGeeks is not only 300% wind powered through the purchase of wind energy credits, but they also are conscious of their energy consumption and carbon footprint impact at each of their data centres and offices.  It is important to us, whether its choosing web hosting companies, office supplies, consultants, properties,... Read the Rest →


Modular – Hype Or Revolution?

Recently Paul and I have been talking extensively about modular construction.  When it was first brought up, the image of modular mobile homes from the 80s and 90s came to mind.  Modular in the past has carried a bit of a stigma for cheap, mobile, cookie cutter housing product.  Today’s modern modular couldn’t be more different. The modular products of today are high end, high quality, efficient, and in many cases uniquely custom designed.  There is a new wave of modular construction hitting the North American market, largely inspired by... Read the Rest →