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It has been a busy year thus far, as we focus more and more on building cool stuff.  The first quarter of 2013 has been spent tirelessly working on the Low Density Bylaw changes, and a few exciting projects we have in the works that will be announced shortly.

As you probably know by now, the subdivision of 50ft lots in RF2, RF3, and RF4 zones in our mature neighbourhoods has been approved by City Council.  This is very exciting for us, as we strongly believe in the densification of our mature neighbourhoods and finding ways for young families to move back to the core of our city.  The changes did not go quite far enough in our opinion, as you still cannot subdivide 50ft lots in RF1 zones and secondary, garage, and garden suites are not allowed on these narrow lots.  So there is still much work to be done with regards to our city’s zoning bylaws and building affordable family infill housing.  Feel free to give us your thoughts on the subject if you see one of us around town.

In addition to posting some updates about upcoming projects in the works, we will also be getting ‘real’ about infill development on our blog over the next few months.  There are barriers to great infill development in our city, that is why you see so little of it.  It is not due to lack of interest or lack of effort.  We need to start a conversation that exposes and dissects those barriers, if we ever expect to break through them.  We will be sharing our thoughts and experiences in the coming months, and asking you to share yours.


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