To create rich, vibrant and liveable places.

I see a lot of great things happening in Edmonton right now and believe the time is right to start a different type of development company. For me, the perfect project is transit oriented development, infill, affordable, mixed use and sustainable. A tall order, but one I know our city is ready to take on.

Tegan Martin-Drysdale, co-founder, RedBrick Group of Companies


We believe integrity, loyalty and respect are an integral part of everyday life. We see these aspects as more than a value, they are a guarantee you can always expect when working with RedBrick. All the work we create is based around this guarantee as well as our core values:

■      LEADERSHIP ensures RedBrick has a positive impact on Alberta’s future.

■      QUALITY measures how well we are doing and it influences all of our actions.

■      COMMUNITY drives us to do what we do.

■      COMMITMENT speaks to our ambition of delivering great products and services.

■      SUSTAINABILITY guides our decisions.

■      COLLABORATION defines our approach to work both inside and outside the company.

■      INCLUSIVE goes to the heart of the developments we want to build.


Great developments that connect us in an emotional way, and provide us with something special. They are not mistakes: they happen when people and organizations share a common vision for how people can live and work in places made for better living. These are the places and moments we want to deliver to you.