For us, the words red brick mean a lot          

The words red brick evoke strength, vision and buildings that have a timeless appeal and live on for generations to come – all attributes the RedBrick Group of Companies aspire to achieve.

There’s a rich history in Edmonton of brick making that reaches back more than 100 years during the city’s first building boom. Many of the buildings of that time had red brick exteriors and some of those buildings still exist and continue to play a vital role in Edmonton.

Just like Edmonton’s first developments, RedBrick has a vision for Edmonton’s future — A vision of creating rich, vibrant and livable places.  Our vision and values are built on a foundation that is as strong and evergreen as the city itself. They are something we hold true to in every project we create and something we will never allow to be compromised.

RedBrick…the name pays tribute to the past while focused clearly on the future.