RedBrick Update

As you can likely tell from the lack of blog posts in 2014, it was a very busy year for RedBrick.  It has been a roller coaster ride with many ups and a few downs for our team, and unfortunately updating the website was pushed down the priority list.  We will work harder to correct that in the months ahead to keep everyone updated on our current and new projects.  So here is the update:

11212 Apartments:

As you might already know, we had intended to build this four storey apartment building with modular construction methods.  In the first quarter of 2014 we managed to work through several building code issues with the City of Edmonton that were a direct result of the modular aspect of the project, which delayed our permit approvals and shop drawing production.  By March these obstacles were overcome and we had completed the foundations in preparation to receive the modules when they were shipped from the factory.  We thought we were well on our way now to completing the building before the end of summer 2014.  Unfortunately what happened next is something we are still trying to process.  After further delays waiting for shop drawings to be completed by the modular supplier, and watching the construction of the first floor modules begin in the factory with much anticipation, our modular supplier ceased all operations in August.  As you can imagine, this came with great disappointment and dismay to RedBrick and our project team.  We had wanted to play an integral part in bringing a new innovative construction method to Edmonton for multi storey buildings and, despite all our due diligence efforts, chose the wrong modular partner.

This building will now be constructed using conventional stick built methods, as finding another modular partner is just not feasible at this time.  We have spent the last two months reworking the drawings, resubmitting for  permits, and getting new pricing.  Expect to see construction activity on the site to commence in early 2015, and a completed building within the year.

Narrow Lot Homes:

Similar to 11212 Apartments, we had initially planned to build four narrow lot houses using modular construction methods with the same modular partner.  They will now be constructed using conventional stick built methods and completed in 2015.  We will have two houses in Riverdale and two houses in Bonnie Doon, with Riverdale being completed first.  More information regarding designs, floor plans, and pricing will be posted to our site shortly.  

A new commercial project and….a new baby!

Along with the recent purchase of a prominent building on Jasper Avenue (which we will announce soon), one of the big ‘ups’ this past year was the arrival of a new little bundle of joy to the RedBrick family.  His name is Nathanael, and he smiles and cries a lot.  Much thanks goes to our families this past year for supporting us through the ups and downs, and further motivating us to keep building great projects!



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