In the media: February 2014 issue of Avenue Magazine

One of our co-owners, Tegan Martin-Drysdale, was featured in this month’s article in Avenue Magazine “The Way We Build”. She talks about the many challenges facing infill builders trying to develop in mature neighbourhoods in Edmonton.

“The city recognizes that changes need to happen and that bylaws need to allow for more infill and more creative ways to do it,” she says. “But then there’s that disconnect between the policy work and the actual bylaws where they sit now, as well as the people at the counters and on the front lines. They’re sticking to the rules and the rules are very stringent in terms of how you deal with an infill project. With infill, you’re dealing with unique projects that can’t be replicated over and over again, so every project has different challenges, making it hard to apply one set of rules to every infill project in the city.”

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