The Umphreville Block

Partnering with the River Valley Co, RedBrick is the project and construction management team behind the new multi-use building known as the Umphreville Block.

This exciting new addition to the Riverdale community is named in honour of Edmonton’s one-time first lady, Métis matriarch, Louise Umphreville. Louise Umphreville is a very important member of Edmonton’s heritage, and we can’t wait to do our part in sharing her unique story.

The Umphreville Block will include:


The commercially zoned property at 10158 90th will include 2500 square feet of retail and hospitality space on the main level, 2500 square feet of office space on the 2nd level, two 600 square feet residential units on the 3rd half story plus 900 square feet of retail space in the basement.

We believe that small local businesses provide advantages to the surrounding community that large big-box retailers cannot offer. They are invested in the community and its people, often developing strong ties and cultivating a loyal customer base.

The project is currently undergoing construction and is expected to have a completion date of spring 2020.

For more information on tenancy in the building or investment opportunities, please contact