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Tegan Martin-Drysdale

Since the last time I wrote here, RedBrick has continued to grow, both in people power and ambition.

It hasn’t been an easy two years, but it has been both exciting and fulfilling. We have faced many challenges with each individual project, overcome those challenges and gained a lot of experience as a result. RedBrick is now poised to start our next phase of projects with a strong team, from a foundation of diverse, completed projects and in a better position than ever before.

We are currently focused on our next single family home product and the new designs we will be bringing to market. We are also excited about our next mixed-use development project that we will be bringing to Riverdale with an amazing group of partners. Depending on permitting timelines, we expect construction to start in the fall of 2017.


Kent Small

We have also added people, and that means we are much better resourced to offer more for our clients. RedBrick now offers construction management services for projects under 2.5 Million, including residential, restaurants, new office, tenant improvements, and industrial products.  We are excited to have Kent Small and Mariegold Gagarin join our team for this next phase of growth for RedBrick.

Kent joined us in January, and with his engineering and product management background in overseeing project and construction management services, we are very excited to have him on board. With his background in civil and mechanical consulting services, he understands management through the whole process, or what we call the “life cycle” of a project.



Mariegold Gagarin

Mariegold has joined us to further develop our accounting and financial reporting for our projects and companies. She has a diverse background in book-keeping, accounting and office administration and will oversee all accounting and reporting aspects of our companies.

We’ve updated our project profiles on our website with information and photos during the various stages of construction. They illustrate how our projects have evolved, and how we are continuing our work to not only build buildings but

also communities, to make them richer and more vibrant places. Stay tuned for more and thanks for all your well-wishes and questions about RedBrick.

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