What’s Brewing at RedBrick: Our Latest Strategic Planning Session

A few months ago, we touched base and discussed what was new at RedBrick since we last spoke (if you didn’t get a chance to read that piece, you can do so here).

Well, we’ve reached the end of another successful quarter here at RedBrick, and as your community-developing neighbours it’s important for us to keep you up to date with our company wins, goals and the strategies. After all, you’re just as much a part of our process as any other team member.

Of course, we place a heavy importance on setting new goals for our company. However, it’s equally as important for us to acknowledge our achievements. This quarter, we were very proud to bring new developments, team members and connections to the RedBrick table.  Let’s break down our quarterly wins:


-We were able to complete not one, but two successful Oodle Noodle restaurants.

-We purchased property in King Edward Park. This was a huge step forward for one of our very new (very exciting) projects. More to come on this topic, I promise.

-We have successfully become the new property managers of our 11212 Apartments.

-We have also improved and better implemented our processes, increasing our productivity and further improving the quality of our work.


We welcomed three new team members to the RedBrick family:

– Mariann as our communications coordinator.  Her new ideas and creativity have been able to get our social media, brand communication and content back up and flowing to where it should be.

– Frances as the community manager for RedBrick’s home base, Homestead. Her great energy, friendliness and new ideas have helped shift the dynamic of Homestead.

– Don as our Construction Site Manager for our construction management services division.  His experience in residential and commercial construction and attention to detail has made him an invaluable addition to the team.

Connections and Projects:

-We’ve built some great new connections this quarter, and set some strong foundations for our future projects. I don’t want to give too much away here, but just know you can expect to see a lot from RedBrick in the coming months.

We were also able to establish some strong goals, or rocks as we like to say, for the coming quarter. When evaluating goals, we like to use the analogy of a farming field. (My roots do extend to a long line of farming, after all). Before you can begin plowing a field, you need to remove all the rocks. Our large, quarterly goals are what we would consider large rocks, and our smaller, individual goals are what we would consider small rocks. By everyone picking up a few small rocks at a time, we are able to reach our large rocks quicker and easier. We then come together as a team to lift those large rocks, and one-by-one we are able to work towards clearing the field.

In the coming quarter, you can expect to see us working towards the following rocks:

  • Leasing units in our 11212 Apartments.
  • Start construction on two of our projects in permitting stages.
  • Implement Phase Two for our process/procedures implementation plan.
  • Continue early development and exploratory work on several new projects (sorry, no spoilers)!
  • Implement Phase Two of our Sales and Marketing Strategy.
  • Add new programming to our coworking space Homestead and increase our community engagement and outreach.

How do we plan to make this happen? As a team, we evaluated all the aspects we need to start, stop and continuing doing in order to reach our goals. I’ll spare you the nitty gritty details, but just know everything we do we are doing as a strong, unified team and are all taking initiatives to continue to serve our clients better. Some might say we have overly high expectations, but the quality of our products and services are something we refuse to compromise on, and we will continue to strive for excellence.

Nothing sets the tone for a strong quarter quite like an open, honest and unified planning session. I’m very excited about where the next quarter will take us, and it is through these strategic sessions we are able to move forward in better serving our clients. Although we all love a good planning session I have to admit, I think the team’s highlight of the day was breaking for lunch as Café Amore. After all, hard work deserves a reward every once in a while.


That’s all for now, chat again soon.

All the best,


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