What’s Changed at RedBrick Since the Last Time We Spoke?

It’s been just shy of a year since my last blog post, and as you might have guessed there have been a lot of changes here at Redbrick, all of which have kept myself and the rest of the RedBrick team extremely busy (which we love).

A Growing Team 

First things first, let’s talk about our growing RedBrick family. During the past year, we have been more than happy to welcome aboard some new members to our team.

Karen Nedeljak joined us towards the end of June of 2017, and has taken on the role as Office Administrator and Bookkeeper. While that may be her title on paper, Karen has gone above and beyond expectations since the day she walked through the door. She has completely revamped the way RedBrick structures and organizes information, and has implemented a new system that encourages the growth of our company. Karen has over twenty years of experience in accounting and office management, with six of those years specializing in construction-based accounting. Karen’s unmistakable dedication helps RedBrick run as smoothly as possible, and she has truly become a foundational part of our team.

This past month we welcomed our newest member, Mariann Roberts, as our spring intern for Social Media Marketing and Content Development. Mariann is in her second year of study as a Journalism major at MacEwan University, and has been working on expanding and learning new skills in her craft. We have been designing and creating more than ever here at RedBrick, and with a growing project base comes a growing workload. So, we as a team decided there was no better way to expand our company than by turning it into a teaching experience for the leaders of tomorrow. That’s when we decided to create a spring internship position that would focus on Company Communications. After chatting with Mariann, we decided she would make a perfect addition to our team and she has been learning, creating and growing with us ever since.

Finished projects:

We are extremely proud of everything we’ve created so far. Though it’s been anything but an easy road, the end results have made every twist and turn worth the journey. Our completed projects include:

  • Riverdale Narrow Lots
  • 11212 Apartments
  • Alberta Block
  • Homestead
  • Oodle Noodle (Tamarack)
  • Midwest Industrial Office and Shop (Spruce Grove)
  • Midwest Equipment Storage Site (Spruce Grove)

 Projects in the works:

Like I said, we’ve been busier than ever here at RedBrick. Right now, we have quite a few projects on the go, and we couldn’t be more excited to share their progress. Currently, RedBrick is busy creating and updating:

  • Ocheller Housing Product Line Launch (more details coming soon)
  • New Mixed Use Commercial Project in Riverdale – in partnership through the River Valley Company
  • New Midwest Corporate Office (Spruce Grove)
  • New Oodle Noodle Restaurant (Sherwood Park)
  • New Oodle Noodle Restaurant (Orchards Gate)
  • Homestead Operations & Management
  • Alberta Block Property Management

Our Brains are Always Turning:

Of course, our office is always swirling with new ideas and plans for future projects. We have some amazing creations brewing that aren’t quite ready to be shared yet, but when they are you’ll be the first to know. For now, what I can tell you is that, as with every RedBrick project, we will be putting our heart and soul into everything we build to ensure each project goes above and beyond expectations and we create something truly special. That’s our promise to you, always.

That’s all for now, chat again soon.

All the best.







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